Tai Chi is one of the foremost martial and health disciplines of China.   It is characterized at the introductory levels by gentle soft, slow movements.  It has been described as “swimming in air”.  At TCC, we focus on the health, rather than combative, aspects of Tai Chi.

Each season we offer a 10 week Introductory Class.  There are also continuing Intermediate and Advanced classes.  We recommend the short introductory Class before committing to the long term classes. 

Classes for those seeking the therapeutic and rehabilitating aspects of Tai Chi are incorporated in the Beginners schedule and are available separately upon request.

QIGONG  and DAO YIN (Far Eastern Yoga)

Qigong  – “energy work” – conditions and energizes the body and mind through a series of relaxing slow and continuous breath exercises and whole body movements. 

Dao Yin (“guided stretching”) – is similar but distinct from the Indian tradition of Hatha Yoga.  It uses gentle co-ordinated movements to energize the body, regulate the breath, and calm the mind.    Beginners find Dao Yin easier to learn and perform than Hatha Yoga.

 Dao Yin and Qigong are an integral part of Tai Chi practise but are also offered as separate health and wellness studies at Tai Chi & Co.


Aikido is one of the more dynamic forms of the Asian internal arts.  It is of Japanese origin where as Tai Chi, Qigong, and Dao Yin were developed in China.

Practise involves fundamental Aikido training including detailed emphasis on energy flow, blending and “ukemi” (rolling and breakfalls).  As with the Tai Chi, Qigong and Dao Yin our focus in Aikido is on developing health and wellness in novices before going on to intermediate and senior levels.  There IS a martial emphasis so those seeking a gentler emphasis are encouraged to follow the Tai Chi path.