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2.  Links to other studios and organizations.  Check back for regular updates.

Wu Taiji and Qigong (UK)

Taiji Hawaii

The Gilman Studio

Angus Clark Taiji (Devon, England)


3.  Our Perspective

There are any number of ways to practice the internal arts.  Some studios concern themselves solely with martial effectiveness.  Others practice radically simplified moves, paying attention only to the superficial appearance of the forms.

Here, we practice traditionally yet we are mindful of modern attitudes.   We retain the perspective of the need for good manners, respect for others, gentle focus on the task at hand, patience, and perseverance.  We recognize that many of the people of today lack the basic natural skills and stamina of those of yesteryear BUT are still willing to give their best, self-effacing effort.  This is a good foundation from which students can grow.

We practise in an atmosphere of gentle quiet and mindful benevolence.

Our perspective is one of “Compassionate Tai Chi”. At one level there is the need to practice properly in the physical (technical) sense.  At a more important level, there is an emphasis on cultivating a gentle yet robust and enlightened mindset that is open and luminous; serene and welcoming. This holds for our practise of Qigong, Dao Yin and Aikido as well. It is a perspective we take with us in our daily lives.

In deference to the requests made by the senior students, I have put forth this perspective.   Life is precious and short. We welcome all interested persons willing to give these arts a try although they may have no experience at all with them – or Asian culture in general. We also observe that true progress has come only to those with good hearts, open minds, civil behavior, and a willingness to learn.

Anyone with these good qualities, whether they be healthy or under medical care, young adult or old, athletic or not, is welcome here.  Dedicated practice in an atmosphere of happy benevolence will take care of the rest.